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Parent Resources

Shield Servants
The Parent Committee for St. Andrew's Church & School 


This group promotes and supports our sweet school. We work to surround the teachers, staff, children, families and facilities with love and care throughout the school year through fundraising and volunteering efforts.

To do this important work, we need all the hands we can get! If you are interested in joining our group, there is a place for EVERYONE! Please don’t hesitate to join our ranks at

Our Parent Handbook

Our handbook is intended to provide guidelines and summary information about the school’s policies and procedures.  It is important that all students' parents read, understand, and become familiar with the handbook and are aware of the policies that have been established.  Please talk with the Director if you have any questions or need additional information.

Need ideas for your kiddo's back to school meals?


Is your child a picky eater or tired of the same ol' stuff? 

Here are some ideas to help you re-inspire your kids' meals! 

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