Gymnastics Plus

Mr. Manuel Perez has been teaching gymnastics at St. Andrew's Weekday School for over 10 years.  Skills taught in his class include: motor skills, strength and flexibility, self-esteem, forward and backward rolls, patience, handstands, listening skills, back-bend walkovers, social skills, cartwheels and round offs, coordination for all sports balance, agility and FUN!  Our children enrolled in his class always seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves and look forward to Fridays with Mr. Manuel.  



Please contact Mr. Manuel Perez at for more information.  You may also find the registration form in the school office. 

Wee Dance to You

Ms. Robin Hahn


Hello!  I’m Miss. Robin and I have been teaching dance for over 20 years. I go to different schools all over the San Antonio area to teach dance classes.


Here at St. Andrew's, I teach a 45-minute ballet/tap combination class.

Ballet helps develop balance and self-confidence, while tap helps to foster rythm and foot coordination. Music accompanies all the activities from the up-beat tap exercises to the slow, graceful ballet butterflies and prince and princess walk.  Both girls and boys enjoy this class, which is designed for ages 3 and older.  


Classes are held every Thursday at 9:30 for ballet/tap and 10:30 for ballet/jazz. We have two performances, one at Christmas time and one in May.  Please contact me at 213-1584 (call or text) for more information.

Not everyone wants to be a ballet dancer. However, ballet teaches you lots of things which are useful for other activities:

- balance
- flexibility
- strength
- fitness
- precision of movement
- good concentration
- good posture
- how to listen to music
- confidence
- and don't forget ballet is simply really good fun

A lot of sports players learn ballet for many of these reasons and it has been used to train rugby, football & basketball players, fencers, ice skaters and martial arts fighters. 

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