Music with Sara Purcell

I teach Music to the classes of 3 years old through Kindergarten. I received my Music Education certification from Oranim Teaching College in Israel; a BA degree in Psychology and Music from St. Edward’s University, and a certification for the Kodàly Method of teaching Music from TSU. In my General Music classes the children are introduced to musical activities in an age-appropriate, child-centered manner. Some of the activities are: Steady beat, tuneful singing, vocabulary, listening skills, coordination, body control, rhythmic values, improvisation, and creativities. My aim is to bring to the open every child’s God-given musicality, enjoy engaging in music, and benefit from the numerous academic advantages music education contributes to. 

Chapel with Rev. Michael Crocker and Children's Ministry Director, Natalie Jones

Chapel is available to children in the Threes through Kinder Prep classes and is held Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00 am. To learn more about Rev. Michael and Ms. Natalie, please click here

Enrichment Programs

During a typical school year, September thru May, music and chapel are enrichment programs offered at St. Andrew’s WDS.  The music program is provided to our Threes, Fours, and Kinder Prep classes.  Chapel is provided Tuesday and Wednesday for all classes from Threes through Kinder Prep.  Parents are invited to visit and observe their child’s enrichment programs.